Protect your digital privacy

Get all the benefits of the data economy with the control you need to protect your privacy.
Your data is valuable, but so is your privacy. In the data-driven world, we often don’t know who is using our data and why. Businesses need customer data to provide the service we expect and thrive in a competitive market. We want to digitally share things with family, friends and organizations we trust. But our privacy keeps being compromised time-after-time.
bitYoga is a revolutionary blockchain platform which allows you to securely share your data with anyone, and keep complete control over it. You control when, how and with whom your data is shared, all managed via our intuitive app.


Share your data with businesses and individuals in a way that works for you and your preferences - manageable anytime, anywhere.


Control exactly how your data is shared - lock down how and when it can be accessed and who can access it. You can also redact or remove historic data at any time.


Your data is encrypted end-to-end and remains completely anonymous while the processing is verified by trusted organisations.


You have complete visibility over which organisations have access to your data, when they have accessed it and how they have used it.


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Meet our team

bitYoga is driven by a team of experts who are passionate about blockchain for social good and dedicated to maintaining privacy and transparency in the data economy.